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    Hi everyone!

    This site is under heavy construction, so please bear with me.


    My name is Hamish (a.k.a. "Ham") and I'm an everyday irreverent guy with coordination issues and an aversion to political correctness. Call me wayward if you'd like! Don't take me seriously, and you'll be fine. (Yes, I'm a bloke with a manual, who'd have thought it, right?)

    The purpose of this site is to discuss my many and varied hobbies and interests, so ask yourself these questions:

    • Have you wanted to make something way better than what you could (or could not) buy?
      • Wood working
      • Simple electronics
      • Simple metal working, cutting, welding, shaping, and polishing/finishing.
      • Design processes.
    • Have you wanted to piece something together with "whatever was at hand?".
      • Reclaiming wood
      • Unusual ideas for sourcing materials.
      • Issues and challenges with sourcing some materials.
    • Do you want to design/build/completely re-do your own garden to grow your own herbs, fruit, and vegetables?
      • ideas for Permaculture at any scale
      • tips and tricks
      • lessons learned the hard way :-)
      • general gardening info, and what was a lot easier than expected.
    • Do you like (and want to try making) great home made foods like:
      • bread and pastries?
      • cheeses, butters, yoghurt, or other dairy products?
      • barbecued food?
      • smoked... anything really! (meat, cheeses, spices, vegetables, etc)
      • your own sausages, salamis, bacon, etc?
    • Interested in Photography?
      • My gallery
      • General advice, tips and frequently asked questions.
    • Do you like technology?
      • Computers, peripherals, connectivity devices, and software (I'm an IT guy after all)
      • Hi-Fi, home theatre, personal listening devices, and beyond!
        • DIY speakers
      • My favourite question: "What does this button do?....."
      • My least favourite question: "Where's the documentation, manual, person/people to explain it to me?".
      • Home automation, Arduino, and ridiculous tech in the home.
      • Home-based technologies, from vinyl cutters, to thermomix and stand mixer stuff.
    • Sporting interests:
      • Archery
      • Cycling
      • Hiking
    • Books, Movies, Music
      • Comments, reviews, what I'm reading/listening/watching now.

    I guess you could say that I have many interests because I'm a proud misfit.  This site is merely about what I do for fun and for each of the above, I'll outline:

    • my activities,
    • the process,
    • the result,
    • post analysis... which includes:
      • what went wrong?
      • how could I improve it? and..
      • whether it worked as advertised.

    If any of that sounds interesting to you, or if you'd just like to see how wayward these projects, ideas, and hobbies go, then please read on.

    As always, be safe, have fun, and laugh as much as possible.



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