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    My name is Hamish (a.k.a. "Ham") and I'm an everyday irreverent guy with coordination issues and an aversion to political correctness. Call me wayward if you'd like! Don't take me seriously, and you'll be fine. (Yes, I'm a bloke with a manual, who'd have thought it, right?)

    The purpose of this site is to discuss my many and varied hobbies and interests, some include:

    Bread Making

    Bread Making

    Like fresh bread? Baking advice, tips, and experiences.
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    Growing food, building beds, composting, and more.

    IT & Tech

    From PCs, Macs (and their software offerings), computer networking, to Raspberry Pi/Arduino projects. I'll throw in, 3D printing, simple electronics, and probably even review a few home appliances should you be interested.
    Cheese Making

    Cheese Making

    A hobby sure to please crowds and expand your culinary efforts
    Computer Aided Design

    Computer Aided Design

    This ties into several fields, from garden design, 3D printing, wood working, even workshop/interior design
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    General advice, tips, experiences, and galleries

    Barbecue & Smoking

    Cooking, hot and cold smoking, useful gear, barbecue types, recipes, and more.
    Wood working

    Wood Working

    Tools, tips, tricks, and humble projects

    Moving forward...

    So if any of these topics sound interesting to you... (or someone you know), and you'd like to know how things do (or don't) go, lessons learned, and random ways to mix these topics together, feel free to browse around.

    Please note: Many of these articles are pretty in-depth. Feel free to skip sections as needed.

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