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    Sunday, 12 April 2020 02:18

    Cheese making in self isolation

    Isn't it fun when you can't go to work? Some people may disagree. Unfortunately, my workplace has entirely shut down "Until further notice" because our clients have all shut down. In short, there's literally no one to support, and so I put my efforts into staying positive and creating delicious cheese.

    I recently found a dairy that will:

    1. Offer me milk at discounted prices.
    2. Allows me to get the large quantities of milk without running into numerous item limits at the local supermarkets.
    3. Deliver to my door.
    4. Offers a surprisingly high number of people who want to talk to me in these self-isolating times. I think I've spoken to everyone but the guy who actually milked the cows, had deep philosophical conversations with their sales rep, and actually kept more in contact with them than many of my friends and family. But that's a whole other story that I won't bore you with here.

    This has been an amazing relief to my cheese making endeavours.

    Shameless product placement
    Am I heating up the milk or encouraging shameless product placement. (Why choose, I can multitask too!) I suppose I was offered a free sample, so technically this is sponsored. But they don't know I run a web site.
    In this case, these are two 10L batches, both making a somewhat experimental variety of Parmesan.
    Cooking the Parmesan curds
    Cooking the Parmesan curds. This is best done using direct heat because this would take all day using the water bath method.. and time is critical here.

    Moving onto the moulding, pressing, brining and drying, you eventually end up with... <cue drum roll here>

    A wheel of Parmesan, roughly 875g from 10L
    A wheel of Parmesan, roughly 875g from 10L of milk (5L full cream, and 5L skim)

    I still had some milk left over, so I decided to make something close to Parmesan, but with a couple of twists:

    1. It used nothing but full cream milk... and
    2. It had a bit of "kick" into it.

    So the answer is Pepato. Pepato is a Sicilian cheese... sometimes made with sheep milk. However, it's effectively a Romano cheese (full cream milk Parmesan) with whole peppercorns added. Remember: when adding things to cheese, you need to sterilize them first. So I literally boiled some peppercorns in a saucepan for 30 mins, then used the resulting sterile peppercorns, and boiled.. err.. peppery reduction to the curds prior to the moulding stage.

    This is the result:


    Pepato is close in recipe to Romano and Parmesan in some ways, however, it has a higher moisture content, so it won't age as long as Parmesan. Valerie Pearson's book "Home Cheese Making in Australia" suggests aging it for 2-10 months at 10-12oC in the "cheese cave". I've actually already crossed the 1 month point... so I'm thinking I'll let it age "as is" for another month, then cut it up and vacuum seal the pieces so I can age varying pieces to different degrees, and see which I prefer.

    I hope you're all safe and well. Try to have some fun too. Take care!


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