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    If you have questions, suggestions, or constructive criticism, then feel free to leave a message below for our feline overlords... or the feudal serfs who serve them. I will try to respond, but if it gets "too much" I'll start picking and choosing the most interesting messages.

    If you do have an interesting idea or question that others might be interested in as well, I'll simply post it up, along with my answer. Think of it as moderated web content. However, I won't forward contact details.

    In case you're wondering...

    "What?! No Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, WeChat, mailing lists, comments sections, or YouTube videos grinding towards the inevitable plea to like and subscribe? Are you a cave-dwelling Ham?"

    In a way, yes.

    As an IT guy, I've seen how people become obsessed with social media platforms and how things can, and do go very badly from there. In the end, I just find it all incredibly superficial. Honestly, I'd rather write to people directly, when I've had a chance to formulate a thoughtful response. Crazy, I know.

    I built this site with no financial gain in mind, I share my knowledge, and experiences, and I value politeness and consideration. Having said that, while I've taken the usual steps to improve security, I cannot guarantee perfect security on this site.

    If you're ok with that, then please feel free to contact this Wayward Ham, the Cheeky Wren, and the "glaring/clowder" of cats.

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