Antique Cheese Making Books

Old school cover for an antique cheese making guide

Antique Cheese Making Books

While the world of cheese making has become increasingly industrialised since the 1850s, it's fascinating to see how the transition from farm-based cheese making has migrated to cheese factories.

Even most "Artisinal" cheese makers are using industrial processes these days, and as such, the cheeses that we know, might well be significantly different to the cheeses our grandparents knew, even if they have the same name.

These aren't just reviews of books like I did in my other article, but the full, downloadable pdf files. You can literally download them at your leisure. Some are mere "how to guides" while others are full antique text books. So the page count can range from seven to hundreds.

Warning: Obviously cheese making regulations have changed in the last 100 years. So the books and guides linked here are reflective of their time, not ours. Some of the practices mentioned in the publications are not legal today. Particularly if you intend to sell your cheese.

Now most of the books that I've found so far, are American/Canadian centric and reflect the early-to-mid industrialisation era of cheese making. If you can find equivalent European books, (particularly in English, but I'll take any) then I'd love to hear from you. 

If you (or anyone you know) have any pre-industrial cheese making guides, even if they're fragments, hand written notes, or whatever. I'd love to hear from you, If you have any photos, hand copied notes, or whatever! May I please have them so I can share them with other cheese enthusiasts and cheese historians?

By the way, most of these books are freely downloadable from numerous other sources, and so I don't feel bad about freely distributing them.


1870 - Hints On Cheesemaking

Hints On Cheese Making by T.D Curtis (1870)

1886 - Cheese Makers Manual

American Cheese and Cheese Making (1889)

1889 - American Cheese & Cheese Making

Some interesting statistics on cheese making in the US in 1889

1909 - Cheese Making

Cheese Making from 1909 Chedder, Swiss, Brick, Limburger, Edam, Cottage, Etc

1909 - Science & Practice of Cheese Making

1909 Science and Practice of Cheese Making,  Text Book

1918 - Cheese Making

A practical guide for cheese making, published in 1918

1921 - Making American Cheese On The Farm

A 1921 guide to make farm-based American cheese.