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    Why photography?

    Believe it or not, this is one of the most common questions I get asked.

    A lot of people think, photography is merely the act of pointing a camera at something and pushing a button. While that is part of it, there's a lot more to it. Just like driving a car is more than turning the ignition there's the aspect of skill. Compare a first-time learner driver to a Formula One driver... and you get the difference between what these two "drivers" are capable of. Fortunately, "good" photography isn't as exclusive as Formula One. In fact, the cheapest cameras today are light-years ahead of the gear famous photographers have used in the past. Yet, most modern day happy snaps fall short of photographic masterpieces. You might wonder why.... because photography is easy to do, but great photography isn't.

    Alternatively, some of the more pretentious "arty" folk think that photography isn't an art because it lacks the requirement of fine motor skills of other art forms like sculpture, painting and drawing because you don't make something from scratch. Ok, so I'm a passable sketcher, and an ok painter (although I don't practice much these days) but I like the challenge of Photography because there's a lot of work that goes in before, during and after the shot is taken.

    Photography means different things to each photographer. It might be a form of creative personal expression to one person, or a reason to get out of the house and see things to another, or it might be a tool to share, educate, inform or entertain to someone else, or it might be a way to pay the bills. To me, photography is a fun way to capture moments, appreciate some of the amazing things I've seen, as well as do all of the above things.

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    I come from a long line of artistic people. My mother was an Art teacher, my grandfather shot photos with his prehistoric Nikon and got great results right up until he couldn't do it anymore. I have painters, musicians, sculptors, architects in the family dating back nearly 1000 years. I suppose I got the bug when my grandfather accidentally dropped a tripod on my head, so to make up for it, he gave me a few lessons. This helped me to take photos of inspirational artworks, just so my mother could incorporate different styles, and artistic mediums to her classes.

    My mother would never have let me live if I couldn't draw to at least a passable degree. However, who has the time to draw/paint/sculpt a scene when they're on holidays? Not I! So I use the photography in a combination of my tech-head ways, with my mother and grandfather's eye for details to photograph things I find interesting.

    Photography is fun, and I'm proud of many of my shots. However, many people spend huge sums of money on equipment when all they need to do is invest a fraction of the time (and cost) into learning the basics which would improve their shots far more.

    My objectives for this photography section of my site:

    1. Provide a place to show some of my shots.
    2. Create a place to answer FAQs (frequently asked questions) so I can enjoy social gatherings without it turning into a lecture.
    3. Give basic advice aimed at helping you to get started, take the next step, and to save you money and/or heartache.
    4. Direct you to books, videos, and other helpful sites that I've found to be clear, concise, and well worth the time to read. 
    5. Photography is also a great way to show my activities, jazz up this site, so it's nice to have yet another excuse to shoot some more pics.:-)

    Remember, a good photographer thinks about their shots very carefully, and takes them with consideration of many aspects. Make sure you know the place, rules/laws in place, the best vantages, and stay safe!

    Take care!


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