Welcome to my Thailand 2018 Gallery!

    Thailand is a beautiful country filled with amazing temples, fantastic (albeit spicy) foods, interesting cultural festivities, and an amazing source of cheap tailor-made clothing. There's a fascinating mix (and contrast) of historic/traditional values with modern cultural influences.. which also often corresponds with the divide between the wealthy and poor. Nonetheless, Thailand has a great deal to offer tourists of all ages and budgets.

    A few notes to potential visitors:

    • It seems half of Australia's elderly/unemployed live there during the Australian winter... or for the cheap medical treatments.
    • For decades, Thailand had a history of regular coup d'état attempts (some successful) every 3-7 years or so. Usually with some sort of yellow/red coloured shirt associated with the new regime. Avoid public demonstrations, and there are some parts of Thailand which aren't safe. Which at the time of writing, is in the mountainous jungles down south on the Cambodian-Thai border.
    • There are some cultural behaviours/values that you should know before you go. Like:
      • Don't touch other people's heads, or even a statue's head (especially if it's a Buddha).
      • It's rude to point your feet at people.
      • Respect the Bhuddist religion. No joke, take this seriously. If you're visiting a temple, you need to cover your shoulders, all the way down to your knees.. I know it's hot, but that's the way it is. Also, climbing on any temple, wall, etc without express permission to do so results in angry guards.
      • Drones.... unless you start applying for licenses to BOTH the Thai Communications Department (your drone sends a signal afterall) and applied to their aviation authority six months prior to arrival, don't take it. Their penalties are severe, and you can't leave the country until all fines are paid in full!

    Here are some of my photos!

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