Bread Making Gallery

    Here's a ball of dough, made completely by hand. Bread making really is a place where playing with your food is not only encouraged, it's expected. That said, it can be a pretty messy experience! Also, once you get used to it, you'll start to think of ways to make it better.. which means more to clean up. However, once you know how to make a great bread, a fantastic steak, and grow your own fruit and vegetables. You'll quickly start to realise just how inferior (and/or expensive) the usual so called "equivalents" are in the shops.



    Why are there so few photos?

    Honestly, I was very slack on taking photos when making bread for years.. partly because I often had dough all over my hands, and partly because I just wasn't confident that my bread was "photogenic". They always tasted great, but some just didn't want to "play ball" (in that they didn't want to rise, or got stuck to the loaf tin, or got super massive cavities that made them look less like bread, and more like an insect nest. In any case, I hope you enjoy some of these photos.

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