Cheese Making Gallery

    Cheese making is a somewhat unusual hobby of mine. While I certainly haven't always had time to take photos of every cheese (let alone every step) I have taken enough photos along the way to give you a sense of my cheese making journey. I don't want to give you the impression that I am an expert. However, I have had both great successes, and frustrating failures, just like the professionals.

    I should mention that even my failures have been largely salvageable. If my wheel cracks, I remove any unwanted mould growth and seal it back up. If my curds never set properly, I culture them for far longer, and drain them like a cream cheese. If a wheel gets over-salted and disintegrates on me, I preserve it in oil as I do a Fetta, and let it age that way. They have been, by and large, respectable.. if not delicious.

    You never know how things end up. I simply haven't liked all of my cheeses that I've made. That's part of the cheese making experience. Having said that, my friends have adored ones I hated, and asked for more.

    Cheese making - here I'm cooking Parmesan Curds
    While this is staring to look like suspiciously like a lab experiment, cheese making is an activity that many people have done for centuries with extremely rudimentary equipment. That said, the distillation gear to the left is used to distill water for mixing cultures in cheese making, Ren's soap making, and refining home made vinegars.


    Note: I've had a few minor issues with this gallery. Occasionally the system rotates photos for no apparent reason. So please forgive me. I haven't been able to track the source of the problem yet.


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