Gallery of General Quirkiness

    A few years back, "The Australian" (newspaper) had a "World Wide Weird" section, which in my opinion was far more interesting that the rest of the articles combined. I'm also a big fan of the BBC series "QI". Weird means different things to each person. Whatever your definition, I'm of the opinion that while things may not always go as planned, or even as imagined, it certainly makes life so much more interesting. This is my tribute to a once fantastic little section of The Australian.

    This is far from my best photography work. In fact, I often take it with a beaten up old iPhone with filthy lenses through even dirtier car windows. So if it's in focus more than half the time, I'd be genuinely surprised. However, these are scenes that just made me do a "double take" because I truly did not pay enough attention the first time.

    Some of these shots include things are unusual, some things are ironic, some things are just funny, some are contrived, and others completely random. You might not think they're any of the above, and that's your prerogative.

    Let's see if you can figure out why I think each shot is quirky. Enjoy.

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